National Night Out – Hosts Needed

Heritage Hills Neighborhood Association (HHNA) is looking for hosts for 2014’s National Night Out (NNO) on Tuesday, August 5 at 7pm.

National Night Out 2014


HHNA neighbors have gathered over the years each August to meet and share in the spirit that has made our neighborhood such a great place to live. We are a diverse group of residents including as retirees, veterans, first time home owners, and young families. The idea of neighbor watching out for neighbor has been an ongoing endeavor for Hills Neighborhood Association (HHNA) and particularly for those who generously volunteer their time and effort to look out for the entire neighborhood.

If you are able to host for your nearby neighbors we will sign you up as an official NNO site with our Neighborhood Association and the City of Albuquerque. The Neighborhood Association will provide a yard sign, invitations to distribute to your neighbors, sign-in materials, a stipend for drinks and snacks. Hosts are asked to have a table for sign in, water and snacks, and to serve as a gathering point to engage conversation on your street. After the event, we will collect the sign in sheet for the drawings.

At the September General Meeting we will hold a drawing for both attendee’s and hosts, we’ve had area retailers donate over $250 of gift cards for our drawing. Hosts are eligible for a special volunteer host drawing.

The City of Albuquerque will have emergency responders and city officials visiting as many host homes as possible for a meet & greet.

For more information on National Night Out 2014, please check the National Association of Town Watch (NATW) website at and the City of Albuquerque NNO page at

With NNO just weeks away, please let us know if you are able to host Tuesday, August 5, 2014. If you have any questions please let us know! If you’ve already signed up, thank you again!

Contact us at to sign up as a host!

Tour Albuquerque’s Recycling Center

Come Tour The Friedman Recycling Facility!

Join Keep Albuquerque Beautiful and Friedman Recycling on April 19, 2014 in celebration of Earth Day and take a tour of the new state-of-the-art material recovery facility. Tours are free and open to the public from 9am – 12pm. Come see what happens to your recycling material after you deposit it into your blue recycling cart.

DATE: April 19, 2014
TIME: 9am – 12pm
LOCATION: 5021 Edith NE

FriedmanBelt FriedmanDozer




Posted by Michael Rowan.

Yard Sales

Spring Cleaning and warmer temperatures mean one thing is sure to come soon to our neighborhood – Yard Sales! These are a great way to keep useful items from accumulating in the land fills, and perhaps to earn a few dollars. If you are planning on hosting one please be aware of the City of Albuquerque Ordinances regulating Yard Sales. These rules will also help you be a good neighbor!

  • One yard sale is permitted in a 12 month period, up to 3 consecutive days.
  • No items purchased for resell, must be normal household items.
  • One sign up to 6 square feet, non-illuminated. 

For the full text please visit the City of Albuquerque website which links to the full ordinance information, you’ll want the following chapter to find it § 14-16-2-6 Paragraph A-2-C



Albuquerque Online 311

Have you used 311 to report issues around the city? If you have, you’re surely familiar with how incredible powerful of a tool for citizen reporting 311 can be.

Recently the City of Albuquerque has created two new 311 reporting tools – an online form on the City of Albuquerque website, and a 311 iPhone App. With the online tool simply select the location on the map, category of the issue and supporting information. You can also upload a photo to your report.

The iPhone app will optionally let you use the phone’s GPS and Camera to include specific details about the issue alongwith categorization and feedback you need to give the city in order to have the issue resolved.

Everything from missed garabage pickup, grafitti to overgrown weeds can be reported using 311 by phone, web, or app. To learn more visit the City of Albuquerque website 311 page at