Albuquerque Online 311

Have you used 311 to report issues around the city? If you have, you’re surely familiar with how incredible powerful of a tool for citizen reporting 311 can be.

Recently the City of Albuquerque has created two new 311 reporting tools – an online form on the City of Albuquerque website, and a 311 iPhone App. With the online tool simply select the location on the map, category of the issue and supporting information. You can also upload a photo to your report.

The iPhone app will optionally let you use the phone’s GPS and Camera to include specific details about the issue alongwith categorization and feedback you need to give the city in order to have the issue resolved.

Everything from missed garabage pickup, grafitti to overgrown weeds can be reported using 311 by phone, web, or app. To learn more visit the City of Albuquerque website 311 page at