Property Tax Exemption Deadline May 30

Don’t forget, you can apply for a Head of Household, Veteran or Disabled Veteran exemption to reduce your Property Tax liability. The following is an announcement from Bernalillo County. Everyone should look at applying for the Head of Household exemption for their primary residence!



Bernalillo County Assessor Tanya Giddings Reminds Property Owners of Upcoming Property Tax Exemption Deadline

Bernalillo County – Bernalillo County Assessor Tanya Giddings is reminding property owners that time is running out to apply for certain exemptions on their 2014 property tax bills. The exemptions include: Head of Family, Veteran and Disabled Veteran. The deadline to apply for these exemptions for them to be applied on the 2014 tax bill is May 30, 2014.

“I’ve made it a priority of the County Assessor’s Office to treat all property owners in Bernalillo County fairly and equitable and to increase our community outreach and education efforts. This includes informing property owners of property tax exemptions that they may qualify for and aren’t taking advantage of,” County Assessor Tanya Giddings says.

HEAD OF FAMILY: This exemption is available to any Head of Family, whether they are single, married or widowed. The $2,000 exemption can only be applied to the property owner’s primary residence, and only one family exemption per household is permitted. Those eligible for this exemption must apply for it only once to receive it in subsequent years.


  1. The 100 percent Disabled Veteran Exemption is a 100 percent exemption from property tax on the disabled veteran’s primary residence.
  2. The Veteran Exemption is available to all eligible veterans and is a $4,000 exemption which is subtracted from the taxable value of the home or land.

The New Mexico Veteran’s Service Commission determines all eligibility and issues a certificate to all qualifying veterans. Surviving spouses may also receive the exemption if the commission determines they qualify.


Applications for the Head of Family and Veterans’ Exemptions can be found on the Bernalillo County Assessor’s website,, or can be picked up at the Assessor’s Office. You can also call 222-3700 for more information.