APD Crime Prevention Update – Foothills Substation 1-19-2014

  *_Recovered Stolen Property at the Foothills Substation _***

    *_NO jewelry_*_was found among the items recovered by our
    officers._  If you had jewelry stolen, we don’t have it here at the
    Foothills Substation.

    _The property recovered was found on January 10^th . _If you have
    been burglarized after that date, we don’t have your property here
    at the Foothills Substation.

    If you have been burglarized you must call *332-5240 to request an
    appointment* with a detective.

    Please do not call me to set up your appointment or to move up your
    appointment ahead of other’s appointments. *Please call 332-5240 for

    When you call to set up the appointment with a detective, have your
    police report case number handy. If you don’t know that number, our
    staff can assist you.

    Bring a copy of your police report with you when you meet the
    detective assigned to you at the Foothills substation.  If you don’t
    have a copy, our staff can assist you.

    *_Crime Trends_*

    Now that the holidays are over, we saw a trend of adults directing
    youths (14-19 years old) to commit crimes.

    Adults are being reported ‘chauffeuring’ juveniles and waiting with
    a vehicle running outside target homes for burglaries; the youths
    are sent inside to commit the crime. *Report suspicious activity to
    242-COPS (2677) from a safe place.*

    An uptick of doggie doors being used as points of entry for
    residential burglaries again. *Secure your doggie doors!*

    Seeing more cases now of going to the back of the home and breaking
    in through a rear door. *Watch for strangers climbing neighbors’
    fences or poking around yards to get to the back of homes.  Call
    242-COPS or 911.*

    *_Ladders:_*Reports of *10-50 aluminum ladders* *a day* being stolen
    by a person or team.  These are being taken to recycle centers and
    exchanged for quick money.

    *Secure your property – Put away your ladders when done with your
    project – Lock up items in sheds – Keep those garage doors closed!*

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